Knowledge Exchange: Reports zu Open Access

Im Rahmen der „Knowledge Exchange“ Initiative wurden zwei interessante Reports zu Open Access veröffentlicht:

Friend, F.: Impact of Open Access outside European universities. Knowledge Exchange, 2010. Online.

This briefing paper explores the impact of open access upon potential users of research outputs outside the walls of research-led European universities, where the economic value of open access may be even greater than the academic value within universities. The potential impact of open access is understood in many communities but requires a greater volume of open access content to be available for the full potential to be realised. More open access content will become available as the opportunities in open, internet-based digital scholarship are understood.

Ware, M.: Submission Fees – A tool in the transition to Open Access?. Knowledge Exchange, 2010. Online.

Based on the interviews and the modelling in the study one model in particular is regarded as the most suitable way to meet the current requirements (i.e. to strengthen open access to research publications). In this model authors pay a submission fee plus an Article Processing Fee and the article is subsequently made available in open access. Both fees are set at levels that balance acceptability with the author community with securing a meaningful mix of revenues for the Publisher.

Knowledge Exchange ist eine Netzwerk von vier europäischen Förderern: Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) und  SURFfoundation.

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