Eberhard R. Hilf weist in seinem Blog auf einen mir bisher unbekannten Dienst zur Autoren-Identifikation hin: AuthorClaim.

The AuthorClaim registration service aims to link scholars with the records about the works that they have written, as recorded in a bibliographic database. To you, as a scholarly author, this means

  • We build a profile for you, that shows all your identified works.
  • Users of bibliographic databases that use AuthorClaim record can go right to your profile page or your homepage.
  • It becomes possible to distinguish the works of homonyms, a people that are recorded with abbreviated names. Thus if you are recorded in the bibliography as “J. Smith”, it becomes possible to see that you are “Jane Smith” rather than “James Smith”.
  • As and when such services are in place, you can get regular statistics about downloads and citations of your works.
  • The collected data can be used to compute various rankings. (Quelle)

Der Dienst basiert auf dem RePEc Author Service und wird von Thomas Krichel betrieben. Sein AuthorClaim-Profil findet sich unter:

PS: Ein interessantes Blog zum Thema betreibt das Names Project.

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