Nature-Special zur Reproduzierbarkeit wissenschaftlicher Ergebnisse

Die Nature-Zeitschriftenfamilie befasst sich diesen Monat in einem sehr interessanten Themenheft mit den Chancen und Herausforderungen der Reproduzierbarkeit wissenschaftlicher Ergebnisse. In den Artikeln geht es  u.a. um Transparenz, Offenheit und gute wissenschaftliche Praxis. Auszug aus der Beschreibung:

„No research paper can ever be considered to be the final word, and the replication and corroboration of research results is key to the scientific process. In studying complex entities, especially animals and human beings, the complexity of the system and of the techniques can all too easily lead to results that seem robust in the lab, and valid to editors and referees of journals, but which do not stand the test of further studies. Nature has published a series of articles about the worrying extent to which research results have been found wanting in this respect. The editors of Nature and the Nature life sciences research journals have also taken substantive steps to put our own houses in order, in improving the transparency and robustness of what we publish. Journals, research laboratories and institutions and funders all have an interest in tackling issues of irreproducibility. We hope that the articles contained in this collection will help.“

Alle Artikel zum Thema sind frei zugänglich. Gute Lektüre!

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