Kurz: Open Science in der pharmazeutischen Chemie, SCOAP3-Auschreibung, GMS ausgezeichnet, Neelie Kroes zu Open Data

Open Science: In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Nature Chemistry beschreiben Woelfle et al. das Potenzial der „Open Science“ für die pharmazeutische Chemie:

„An open-source approach to the problem of producing an off-patent drug in enantiopure form serves as an example of how academic and industrial researchers can join forces to make new scientific discoveries that could have a huge impact on human health.“

SCOAP3: Der Prozess der Ausschreibung startet. Interessant ist der Blick in die Ausschreibungsunterlagen.

„An international team of experts from institutions participating in SCOAP3 has prepared a detailed description of the peer-review and open access services that the consortium intends to purchase through high-quality peer-reviewed journals, the conditions for the provision of these services and the implications on existing licensing agreements.“

Ausgezeichnet: German Medical Science (GMS), das medizinische Open-Access-Publikationsportal der ZB MED, ist nun ein ausgewählter Ort der Initiative  „Land der Ideen 2011“.

Open Data: Die EU-Kommissarin für die „Digitale Agenda“ Neelie Kroes hat das OpenForum Europe mit einer lesenswerten Rede („Opening up Europe: from Common Standards to Open Data“) eröffnet. Das Transkript ist online.

„Because research in genomics, pharmacology or the fight against cancer increasingly depends on the availability and sophisticated analysis of large data sets. Sharing such data means researchers can collaborate, compare, and creatively explore whole new realms. We cannot afford for access to scientific knowledge to become a luxury, and the results of publicly funded research in particular should be spread as widely as possible.“

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