Vision: Forschungsdaten im Jahr 2030

Die High-Level Group on Scientific Data der Europäischen Kommission hat einen Report zur den Herausforderungen und Chancen im Umgang mit digitalen Forschungsdaten veröffentlicht.

Der Report „Riding the Wave: How Europe can gain from the rising tide of scientific data“ (PDF) ist das Ergebnis einer sechsmonatigen Konsultation deren Ziel es war eine „Vision 2030“ für den Umgang mit Forschungsdaten zu formulieren. Folgende Punkte sind Teil dieser Vision:

  • All stakeholders, from scientists to national authorities to the general public, are aware of the critical importance of conserving and sharing reliable data produced during the scientific process.
  • Researchers and practitioners from any discipline are able to find, access and process the data they need. They can be confident in their ability to use and understand data, and they can evaluate the degree to which that data can be trusted.
  • Producers of data benefit from opening it to broad access, and prefer to deposit their data with confidence in reliable repositories. A framework of repositories work to international standards, to ensure they are trustworthy.
  • Public funding rises, because funding bodies have confidence that their investments in research are paying back extra dividends to society, through increased use and re-use of publicly generated data.
  • The innovative power of industry and enterprise is harnessed by clear and efficient arrangements for exchange of data between private and public sectors, allowing appropriate returns to both.
  • The public has access to and can make creative use of the huge amount of data available; it can also contribute to the data store and enrich it. All can be adequately educated and prepared to benefit from this abundance of information.
  • Policy makers are able to make decisions based on solid evidence, and can monitor the impacts of these decisions. Government becomes more trustworthy.
  • Global governance promotes international trust and interoperability.


High-Level Group on Scientific Data: Riding the Wave: How Europe can gain from the rising tide of scientific data. European Union, 2010. Online.

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