Wall Street Journal zu Open Science

Das Wall Street Journal hat in den vergangenen Wochen drei lesenswerte Artikel zum Thema Open Science veröffentlicht:

Michael Nielsen: The New Einsteins Will Be Scientists Who Share, WJS.com, 29.10.2011.

„From cancer to cosmology, researchers could race ahead by working together – online and in the open.“

Paul Allen: Why We Chose ‚Open Science‘, WJS.com, 30.11.2011.

„To accelerate research breakthroughs on brain diseases, the Allen Institute puts all its data online for use without fees.“

Amy Dockser Marcus: Citizen Scientists, WJS.com, 03.12.2011.

„Ordinary people are taking control of their health data, making their DNA public and running their own experiments. Their big question: Why should science be limited to professionals?“