Nature: Special zum Thema Data Sharing

Die aktuelle Ausgabe der Nature (Vol. 461/Nr. 7261) widmet sich in einem Special dem Thema „Sharing Data„:

Sharing data is good. But sharing your own data? That can get complicated. In a special issue of Nature and online collection, participants from a workshop held in May this year present their thoughts on the latest policies for early release of data. Also in May, mouse researchers met to discuss data and resource sharing. In an opinion piece, they examine how best to promote a culture of sharing. Meanwhile, Bryn Nelson reports on the cultural and technical hurdles that can get in the way of good intentions and a Nature editorial argues that all concerned must act to ensure data is preserved and made accessible to the wider community. There’s also discussion of the issues in two opinion forums on prepublication and postpublication data sharing.

Das Magazin fördert seit längerem die Diskussion rund um den Umgang mit Forschungsdaten.

Bereits im September 2008 veröffentlichte das Magazin ein Special zum Thema Forschungsdaten unter dem Titel „Big Data“ (Vol. 455/Nr. 7209).

September 2008

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